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Alpha Trion Protocols
Are you brand new to the game? Or maybe you used to play years ago and are just now coming back. This should be able to catch you up!

How do I play?
If you're new and just want to know how to play the game, then here's a link to the How to Play guide.

New Sets
There have been six ATP sets released since Wave 5, with additional sets aimed at the Primus format.
ATP-1 (11 stratagems)
ATP-2 (9 characters, 10 battle cards, 6 stratagems)
ATP-3 (11 characters, 9 battle cards, 2 stratagems)
ATP-4 (11 characters, 10 battle cards, 3 stratagems)
ATP-5 (20 characters, 15 battle cards, 6 stratagems)
ATP-6 (15 characters, 13 battle cards, 6 stratagems)

New Rules
Your sideboard has an additional slot for a Stratagem.

You only have three minutes to sideboard between games.

New Keywords
Arise, Sturdy, Energized , Primus. (hover for explanation)

Looking to download and/or print these sets?
Instructions for that are right here!

Want to play online?
There's a guide for that! Then join us on Discord.