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ATP Mode
What is ATP Mode?
ATP Mode will hide all non-WotC content, while also making ATP content visible. This is very site-encompassing, and includes card lists, decks, tournaments, even the Card of the Day.

Why is ATP Mode?
For months now I've been messages (primarily from ATP users) requesting the ability to hide non-ATP/WotC content. While it sounds easy enough thing to do, it required "a lot" of site re-working and is something I've been working on for a while now. Not only should this make it easier for ATP users, but it also makes it cleaner for non-ATP users as well.

How is ATP Mode?
Most active ATP users should have ATP Mode activated already. The logic was "any one who has created/edited a deck with ATP cards since May 1st" should have it enabled. If I missed you, enabling it is easy! Just go to your Account page, scroll down, and click "Enable ATP Mode".

If you have any questions, or found something I missed*, please let me know!
*I know the Consolidated Stats page for tournaments shows all groups. That'll get fixed eventually(tm).